Parish Council Members

Holy Trinity Parish Council is the vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of the parish. It does this by fostering growth within the parish family and the sharing of spiritual gifts and talents; by encouraging positive relationships among all members of the parish, and by collaborating with other parishes, especially those in their cluster and region, as well the wider community.
The Parish Council proposes parish policy, fosters good communication, and provides leadership by overseeing parish planning including clarifying the parish mission and vision, establishing goals and witnessing the gospel message in the larger community and the world with a strong basis in stewardship.  The Parish Council cooperates with other parishes and with diocesan offices and agencies, to carry out its work.  The Parish Council contributes to the implementation of diocesan goals and policies and the Bishop’s decrees and directives.  The Holy Trinity Parish Council is the planning, consultative and policy formulating body in all matters of the parish, including but not limited to spiritual, educational, social and financial concerns, except to the extent limited by faith and morals, church or civil law or diocesan policy/norms.

If you are interested in serving on the Parish Council, click here for the Discernment Packet.

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The members of the Parish Council are:

NameTerm EndsOfficer
Julie BennettJune 2018
Jean DealJune 2018
Joe HerbersJune 2019Chair
Michelle HouchinJune 2020
Terry KellyJune 2019
Dave KistnerJune 2020Vice-Chair
Molly KistnerJune 2020
Melanie MaschingJune 2020Secretary
Rod RuderJune 2020
Sally SpragueJune 2019
Anne WaldorfJune 2018
Mike WietingJune 2019
Dave WochnerEx-Officio MemberTrustee
Fr. Jeffrey StirnimanEx-Officio MemberPastor
Fr. Geoff HortonEx-Officio MemberParochial Vicor
Kevin O'ConnellEx-Officio MemberStaff Liaison