Accessing our livestreams

All of our parish livestreaming is YouTube based.* To find our videos, go to our YouTube page. Once you’re there, what you see should look like this (if you’re viewing from a phone or tablet, the layout will be a little different):

You will probably see more things on your screen, and the selection of videos may be different, but you should see something similar.

When I took that picture, the Tabernacle Stream was live, as you can see by the red LIVE NOW box next to it. If you want to watch something being livestreamed, just click on the picture to its left–in this case, the picture of the altar and tabernacle.

If you wanted to be notified when we add a video or start livestreaming, click the SUBSCRIBE button.

When a live stream event is complete, it will be added to one of the Playlists. As you can see, we have three kinds of events: Adoration, Rosary, and Mass. A recorded event will appear here shortly after the event is complete (it’s a manual process, so there can be delays).

* Fr. Horton does some of his events on Facebook Live, but all parish liturgies etc. are on the YouTube page.