Month of Remembrance

2008-07-21_Old_Chapel_Hill_Cemetery_2Month of Remembrance

November, the Church’s month of the Holy Souls, provides an annual opportunity for all of us to renew our faith and hope in two wonderful doctrines of the Church: our resurrection and our future reunion with our deceased relatives and friends. We will have a Book of Remembrance in both churches throughout the month for you to write the name of your deceased loved one and a prayer or comment if you’d like.

You are invited to the annual Memorial Mass in memory of our members of Holy Trinity and  Historic St. Patrick parishes who have died in the past year at Historic St. Patrick Church on Thursday, November 19 at 7:00pm.

Family members of those deceased parishioners will receive letters of invitation, and will be asked to light a candle when their loved one’s name is read during the Mass. All parishioners and friends are welcome to attend to remember our deceased parishioners and family members. For more information, please email or call Rebecca at 309.829.1355 or Donna at 309.829.2197.

For more information about All Saints/All Souls, Click Here.